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Beacon Award Blog » New Beacon Award Categories: Choose Carefully
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New Beacon Award Categories: Choose Carefully

Posted in Beacon Awards at 7:00 am by admin

One of the most important elements of putting together a Beacon Award entry is choosing which category is appropriate. Take a close look at all the categories listed in the 2010 Call for Entries to determine where your project fits best. Picking the right category can really increase your chances of winning.

One factor to keep in mind is which area your results are the strongest in. This year, you have a different set of possibilities to consider. ACC revised the Beacon Award categories to better reflect the realities and demands of the cable communications profession and ensure that the Beacon Award will recognize the best and most strategic campaigns. The total number of categories was reduced from 23 to 17. Four new categories were added, several categories were combined, and three categories were eliminated.

The four new categories are: media relations – technology/product, media relations – programming publicity, competitive communications and Web site. Competitive communications combines the most important aspects of the old competitive response and bottom line/sales impact categories. Web sites are such a key component in many successful cable communications efforts that they merit a category of their own.

Some of the 2009 Beacon Award categories were merged into one category. The events and observances (seven or fewer days) category was combined with the events and observances (more than seven days) so that there is only one category. Programming (single program) was also merged with programming (series) into one programming category. The new crisis communications and issues management category also combines two, formerly separate categories.

The new media campaign was renamed as social media communications to better capture what the category will honor and recognize. The business to business communications, investor relations and support materials categories were eliminated, and those entries may be submitted under other categories.

To get an idea of what kinds of projects fit into which category, check out past winning entries in the members-only section of the ACC Web site on the Beacon Awards page.

How did you determine which category to enter your Beacon Award in?

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