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Beacon Award Blog » Judge for Yourself: Take a Behind the Scenes Look at the Beacon Awards Judging Process
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Judge for Yourself: Take a Behind the Scenes Look at the Beacon Awards Judging Process

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Wondering what exactly happens to your Beacon Award entry after you’ve shipped it off to ACC’s Washington, DC, offices for judging? Understanding the processing and judging procedures your entry will experience can help you prepare it for efficient handling and evaluation. Here’s the step-by-step breakdown of the journey your entry could take to the Beacon Awards Luncheon in New York City, September 16.

Step One: Processing

When your entry arrives at ACC’s offices, it is opened and immediately labeled by category and assigned a unique number that helps keep track of its progress through the process. ACC isn’t responsible for the way entries arrive after shipping, but the more organized your entry is when you package it, the more organized it will arrive—ensuring safe traveling through the rest of the process. Payment information is processed and you will be contacted if there are any discrepancies.

Step Two: First Round of Judging

ACC recruits judges from their membership year-round. Being involved with the judging process is a great way to understand what makes a winning entry, while getting to see the latest ideas your fellow communicators have submitted. You can still volunteer to judge even after the final submission deadline.

The first round of judging is done remotely, at the convenience and location of each judges’ choosing. ACC divides the entries evenly among the first round judges and ships them to each judges’ location. Using the 2010 Judging Form, first round judges evaluate entries on Planning and Strategy (20 %), Implementation (25 %), Results (30%), and Creativity (25%). You can see the judging form used throughout the process online at http://www.cablecommunicators.org/awards_beacon_judge.php.

First round judges fax or mail their judging forms back to ACC by the given deadline. Results are recorded and tabulated and the top entries in each category advance to the final round of judging.

Step Three: Second Round of Judging

Second round judges are experienced industry professionals from the ACC membership. Judges spend a whole day reviewing entries at the ACC offices. Judges are broken into groups and assigned a number of different categories to evaluate. Each group is presided over by a bailiff who is responsible for keeping the process moving, and aided by a proctor—an unbiased volunteer who distributes materials and collects confidential completed judging forms. Judges are provided with the same entry-specific judging forms sent to first round judges and asked to evaluate each entry. The supporting material and three-page summary are shown for review. This is why it is important to have the right amount of DVDs and CDs requested in the Call for Entries. Having the correct amount of materials ensures they will be accurately distributed during final round judging. Any optional additional materials submitted with the entry will also be shown during this round.

Judges also nominate projects for the Golden Beacon Awards, the association’s highest honor, to a public affairs initiative that has made an impact within the cable industry while enhancing cable’s image nationwide. This is not an award you can submit for—finalists will be selected by the judges themselves.

Step Four: Results

ACC tabulates the winners for each category and all finalists are notified of their status and invited to the 2010 Beacon Awards Ceremony in New York City, September 16. Winning entries are archived at the Cable Center in Colorado.

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